Le mardi 23 avril 2019, de 18:30 à 22:30.
Forum H
Organisateur : Herrgrim0

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Official event
Revival of Elixir Belgium. The talks will be held at ULB

For this revival, we'd like to propose you a bunch of short talks, and then we can discuss how to plan regular events for this group as well as integrate Erlang and maybe other languages running on the BEAM as well - e.g. LFE, LuErl, Alpaca, ...

Proposed talks:
- Faster data ingestion with Broadway (Bruno Dusausoy)
- Bare metal Erlang on GRiSP embedded systems (Igor Kopestenski)
- How to work with x5u based JWTs in Guardian (Yuri Leikind)

Feel free to propose your own talk as well as ideas to make this group a well established one in the Erlang/Elixir community.

Help needed

for catering essentially. ping Herrgrim0 for more informations