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    "id": 24,
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    "OJ": "* Nouveau fer \u00e0 souder ? x2 ? (C4)\r\n * 3\u00e8me main ? x2 ? (C4)\r\n * Est-ce que le mercredi est un bon jour pour la r\u00e9union ?\r\n * SmartMonday novembre : c'est quoi le plan ?\r\n * Workshops make/git : pr\u00e9paratifs et choix d'une date\r\n * Ou en sont nos Imprimantes 3D, que fait on pour le r\u00e9parer ?\r\n * Journalistes question sur mobib\r\n * Journalistes question sur \"les differentes types de hackers\"\r\n * clef",
    "PV": "1)40 euro budget for 1/2 soldering irons. Possibly find a better slightly more expensive version on aliexpress with more functionality or 2 shitty ones from amazon\n\nPour moins de 40 \u20ac :\n\n- Possibilit\u00e9 pour quelques \u20ac d'avoir un vendeur avec plus de ventes.\n- Possibilit\u00e9 pour quelques \u20ac d'upgrader en 858D+ (ou \u00e9quivalent) avec *air chaud*.\n\n\n\n2) 3 \"hand\"  max budget of 15 euro\n\nPour moins de 9 \u20ac :\n\n - 1545 orders\n - LED LED LED\n\n\n\n3) Doodle made, utter failure, we should feel bad. We like the idea of monday but we shall wait for our great eternal emperor Florentin for final passing of the law of his holiness.\n\n\n\n4) R . I . P\n\n\n\n5) Cassidy dont want workshop git. Titou can do git but not that much time he has, all beaureaucratic bs must be taken care of by someone else however. \n\tPreliminary date: 6th december +-5 days.\n\t\n\n\n6) Not much news from Cygnus. Wait for more news, while trying to and see what we can do for the makerbot as it must be returned in the same state it arrived(working).\n",
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